Legislative Accomplishments

SB 441 (Act 8 of 2019) – Sergeant Christopher M. Wrinkle and Tosca Memorial Bridge.

SR 47 & 48 of 2019 – Resolution to establish a bipartisan/bicameral legislative commission to study the deployment of broadband and a resolution to investigate the compliance of non-rural telecommunications carriers with Act 67 of 1993 and Act 183 of 2004.

SB 440 (Act 64 of 2019) – Creation of flexible instructional days for school entities.

SB 60 (Act 1 of 2020) – Combatting human trafficking in Pennsylvania by shifting the focus of state law from punishing the victims of trafficking to punishing those who traffic individuals and purchase sex.

SB 432 (Act 8 of 2020) – Grants Medicaid managed care organizations access to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

SB 842 (Act 54 of 2020) – Photo identification in health care facilities.

SB 94 (Act 108 of 2020) – Provides workers’ compensation coverage for integral members of fire companies. Co-sponsored with Sen. Martin.

SR 153 of 2020 – Resolution urging Congress to ratify USMCA on Trade.

SB 278 (Act 27 of 2021) – Provides agritourism businesses with limited liability protection. The House companion bill (Rep. Gleim) was the version signed into law.

SB 618 of 2021 (VETO) – Prohibiting vaccine passports in Pennsylvania.

SB 248 (Act 87 of 2021) – Creates special days of observance for Veterans and allies who served in the First Gulf War, the Second Gulf War, and the War in Afghanistan.

HB 2071 (Act 96 of 2021) – Creates the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority. Worked with the House to get this done and used the House version.

SB 982 (Act 88 of 2022) – Prohibiting outside groups from contributing to election operations. Co-sponsored with Sen. Baker.

SB 225 (Act 146 of 2022) – Updates to prior authorization of medical services in Pennsylvania.

SB 608 (Act 151 of 2022) – Amended into Sen. Laughlin’s SB 696. Amends the breach of personal information act.

SR 195 of 2022 – Resolution urging Congress to oppose President Biden’s proposal to access bank accounts of private citizens.

SB 1212 (Act 67 of 2022) –Revitalizing Pennsylvania’s restaurants and bars with reasonable music levels. The House companion bill (Rep. Topper) was the version that was signed into law.

SR 134 of 2023 – Resolution urging the FHFA to rescind their policy that punishes homebuyers with good credit. Co-sponsored with Sen. Robinson.

SB 84 (Act 26 of 2023) – Protecting the First Amendment right to freedom of religious expression for teachers, allowing them to wear religious garb, marks, emblems, or insignias.

SB 44 (Act 39 of 2023) – Ensuring victims of human trafficking have access to services. Co-sponsored with Sen. Dush.

HB 1507 (Act 56 of 2023) – Providing our students with flexible instructional time in school. Worked with the House to get this done and used the House version.

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