Phillips-Hill supports giving the people the final say on voter ID

HARRISBURG – Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York) supported a measure on Wednesday that would give Pennsylvania voters the ultimate decision on voter identification requirements through a proposed constitutional amendment.

Senate Bill 1 proposes distinct, separate constitutional amendments that would provide for voter identification requirements, a two-year civil window on child sexual abuse cases, and legislative review of regulations. The language that advanced is identical to the language passed last session and published throughout the Commonwealth for voters to read, review, and provide feedback to legislators.

“It should be left up to the people of Pennsylvania,” said Sen. Phillips-Hill. “And with this proposed constitutional amendment, we are giving the people the power to amend their state constitution.”

The General Assembly recently eliminated the financial barriers preventing the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians from obtaining a photo ID, which allows homeless individuals to qualify for a free identification card. Additionally, other states require some form of voter ID, with academic studies and actual election turnout overwhelmingly illustrating voter ID does not depress voter turnout.

A Franklin and Marshall College poll found that 74% of Pennsylvanians support requiring voters to present identification to vote. A Monmouth University poll found that 80% of Americans favor voter ID nationwide.

“Let’s give the voters the chance to weigh in on this long, overdue issue and maybe, we will be the 36th state to have voter identification requirement laws on our books,” she added. 

The legislation heads to the House of Representatives for its consideration. Should the House approve of the measure, it will head to the voters for their approval.

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