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  • Central York High School Basketball Team Honored at State Capitol
  • Senate Acts to Meet PA’s Power Needs
  • “Shall Not Be Questioned”: Second Amendment Rally at Capitol
  • Senate Approves Bill to Get Pennsylvanians Off UC and Back to Work
  • Thank You for Joining Us: License Plate Replacement Event
  • Senate Committee Advances Bill to Modernize Telecommunications Laws
  • Bill to Improve Safety, Combat Illegal Street Racing Passes Senate
  • High School Students Compete in Envirothon Competition
  • Celebrating Historic Breast Cancer Screening Law
  • Pastor Beth Holz’s Return to Pennsylvania Senate
  • Beware of Ticks and Lyme Disease
  • Upcoming PennDOT Maintenance Projects
  • On Deck

Central York High School Basketball Team Honored at State Capitol

The Champions are in the House Senate! This week, the Central York School District’s High School Boys’ Basketball team was recognized during session as we celebrated their historic victory in the PIAA Class 6A state champions.

With a thrilling 53-51 win over Parkland at Hershey’s Giant Center, the Panthers secured their first state championship title, marking a momentous achievement for their school and community.

Led by a talented squad with a remarkable record of 29-3, Central York made history as the first YAIAA basketball team to claim a state title in the largest classification. Their victory also solidified Central York as the first non-private school from the YAIAA to achieve this feat.

Despite facing immense pressure throughout the season, these student-athletes demonstrated unwavering perseverance and determination, proving their critics wrong and inspiring their community with their outstanding performance on the court.

Notably, the Panthers boasted a lineup dominated by underclassmen, with just one senior starter, highlighting their potential for continued success in the seasons to come.

Sen. Mike Regan and I were honored to recognize the Central York Panthers for their exceptional achievement and for bringing glory to York County. Congratulations to the players, coaches, and supporters on this well-deserved victory!

You can find the team’s Senate introduction here and more photos from the day here.

Senate Acts to Meet PA’s Power Needs 

Acting to establish a sweeping, new energy framework for Pennsylvania, the Senate approved legislation this week creating the Independent Energy Office (IEO) and Pennsylvania’s Opportunity with Energy Reliability (POWER) Board. The bill moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Under Senate Bill 832, the IEO will provide data-driven analysis and ensure lawmakers have the reliable information necessary to review and implement current energy strategies as well as be on the forefront of new innovative technologies. The POWER Board will be a public clearinghouse for energy development in Pennsylvania and allow residents to see public accountability on decisions that impact energy prices in Pennsylvania.

The federal government has passed legislation to provide funding for states to grow solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear capacities. Pennsylvania must apply for these funds and provide a framework to distribute funding throughout the state. The General Assembly has not yet established this framework, and statutory authority is needed.

“Shall Not Be Questioned”: Second Amendment Rally at Capitol  

This week, alongside fellow Second Amendment supporters, we gathered outside the Capitol to defend our constitutional rights. With resolute determination, we stood united under the banner of “Shall Not Be Questioned,” reaffirming our unwavering commitment to preserving the fundamental liberties enshrined in the Constitution.

Together, we sent a powerful message: our right to bear arms is non-negotiable. You can find more photos on my Facebook.

Senate Approves Bill to Get Pennsylvanians Off UC and Back to Work

Unemployed Pennsylvanians who engage in job dodging by sabotaging their own efforts to get hired would jeopardize their Unemployment Compensation benefits under a bill approved by the Senate.

Job dodging is the process used by some Unemployment Compensation recipients to avoid obtaining a job and to continue to collect benefits. Job dodgers may skip a job interview or refuse employment or a referral for employment to continue receiving Unemployment Compensation benefits.

Senate Bill 1109 is intended to prevent Unemployment Compensation recipients who apply for a job from unreasonably discouraging their own hiring. It would require the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to create or update forms enabling employers to report Unemployment Compensation claimants who discourage their own hiring through job dodging. The bill moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Thank You for Joining Us: License Plate Replacement Event

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our recent license plate replacement event! Your participation made the event a success, and we appreciate your proactive approach to ensuring your vehicles are compliant and safe on the road.

Many thanks to the Northern York County Regional Police Department for its invaluable support and assistance during the event. The department’s dedication to serving our community is commendable.

If you missed the event but think a similar one would benefit you and your neighbors, I want to hear from you! Let me know where you believe such an event would be most helpful in your community.

Your input guides our team and me in organizing events that directly address the needs of our residents and enhance community well-being.

Thank you again for all who made the event successful!

Senate Committee Advances Bill to Modernize Telecommunications Laws

The Senate Communications and Technology Committee has approved Senate Bill 85, legislation I authored to modernize Pennsylvania’s telecommunications laws.

In a world where landline telephone services are dwindling, it’s time our laws catch up. Senate Bill 85 aims to update the Public Utility Code, focusing on expanding high-speed internet access statewide.

This legislation maintains oversight of critical functions like emergency services while allowing telecom companies more flexibility to innovate. The legislation moves to the full Senate for further consideration.

You can learn more about the legislation here and watch my remarks here.

Bill to Improve Safety, Combat Illegal Street Racing Passes Senate

To address how the erratic driving of illegal street racers endangers the safety of other motorists and pedestrians, the Senate passed legislation that would increase street racing fines for first offenses to $500 and all additional infractions to $2,000. Senate Bill 998 also calls for impoundment orders for vehicles used in the offense and would hold event organizers accountable using fines, suspension of driving privileges, classification as habitual offenders, impoundment of vehicles and imprisonment.

Additionally, the bill would impose penalties for drifting on highways or trafficways and for organizing street racing or drifting events. Drifting is a driving technique that involves steering a car to make a controlled skid sideways through a turn.

Senate Bill 998 is part of the Senate Republican effort to improve community safety across Pennsylvania. It now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

York County High School Envirothon Competition

It was a pleasure to be part of the action at the York County High School Envirothon Competition held at Rudy Park! Congratulations to all of the student winners who showcased their knowledge of and dedication to environmental stewardship. You can find more photos on my Instagram.

Celebrating Historic Breast Cancer Screening Law

One year ago, a first-of-its-kind in the nation comprehensive breast cancer screening bill was signed into law as Act 1 of 2023. Senate Republicans supported the bill that eliminated out-of-pocket costs associated with BRCA-related genetic testing and counseling as well as supplemental screening such as breast MRI and ultrasound for women at high risk.

High-risk conditions covered by the law include dense breast tissue, personal history of breast cancer, family history of breast cancer, genetic predisposition and prior radiation therapy.

Act 1 covers individuals whose insurance is state-regulated, including plans purchased through the Pennie marketplace or employer-provided insurance. The law takes effect for many plans between 2024 and 2025. All state-regulated plans must be in place before the end of 2025. Learn more.

Pastor Beth Holz’s Return to Pennsylvania Senate

Pastor Beth Holz of Bethel United Methodist Church in the Brogue returned to the Pennsylvania Senate this week as guest chaplain! She was accompanied by her father and “bonus mom.” Thank you again for returning to serve!

You can find her welcome and opening prayer here.

Beware of Ticks and Lyme Disease 

Pennsylvania leads the nation with the number of Lyme disease cases. While we are lucky to have access to the many outdoor recreational opportunities in the commonwealth, they come with the risks of tickborne diseases.

National Lyme Disease Awareness Month is an opportunity to learn how to protect your family and pets against Lyme. Use insect repellent when spending time outdoors, treat your clothing and gear with permethrin and conduct a tick check when you come inside.

There are three stages of Lyme disease with distinct signs and symptoms occurring in each stage, including a bullseye rash, headaches, nerve pain, heart palpitations and fever. If you discover a tick, safely remove it, put it in a plastic bag and mail it to the Pennsylvania Tick Research Lab for free testing. Within three business days, you will know if the tick carried Lyme disease and other diseases – valuable information for you and your health care provider.

Upcoming PennDOT Maintenance Projects   

Most weeks, PennDOT shares with me its maintenance schedule for the week ahead. When it becomes available, you can view the full list here to see if it will impact you and your family.

On Deck 

The Senate of Pennsylvania reconvenes on Monday, May 6, at 1 p.m. You can watch all of the Senate votes and view our agenda here.


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