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In this update:

  • York Fair runs today through Sept. 15
  • Senate Communications and Technology Committee explores high-speed internet impact on agriculture, emergency response, education and police
  • Tips for cleaning out your house and garage this fall
  • Top 10 scams to be on the lookout for in September
  • Upcoming PennDOT projects

York Fair runs today through Sept. 15

Today kicks off the start to the fun-filled, family-friendly York Fair at the York Fairgrounds.

America’s “first fair” opens today at 11 a.m. and runs through Sunday, September 15 with events all day and night.

The cost to attend the fair is $8 per adult, children 6-18 + college students get in for $4 and children under 5 get in to the fair for free.

In addition to headline concerts and performances, the York Fair shows off the best of York County’s agriculture community.

If you and your family are interested in attending, you can find a list of events, guest information and exhibits and entries here.

I hope to see you there over the next week!

Senate Communications and Technology Committee explores high-speed internet impact on agriculture, emergency response, education and police

This past week, the Senate Communications and Technology Committee held two separate public hearings in Monroe and Fayette Counties, respectively.

The hearings are part of a four part series I am conducting across the state to gather valuable testimony from key stakeholders on how Pennsylvania can close its digital divide.

In Monroe County, we heard from Sally Kozak, Deputy Secretary with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, testified that broadband access is critical for the delivery of high-quality healthcare.

9/3/19 – Broadband Internet Access

“When it comes to medical services, providers need access to robust, reliable broadband to ensure they are able to communicate with patients and hospitals effectively, transmit and receive crucial data, and implement the latest technology,” she said.

We also heard from Craig Eccher, who is the President of the Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative. He indicated how difficult rural electrification was over a century ago and now delivering high-speed internet to those same rural areas is equally as challenging.

Fayette County featured testifiers from the state’s major agriculture associations and education institutions.

9/5/19 – Broadband Internet Access

Darren Youker with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau testified that broadband service has moved past a luxury item, and is now part of the essential services that a household needs.

He provided stories of how farmers are negatively impacted with poor unreliable internet service.

We also learned that Pennsylvania public schools are well ahead of the federal minimums for internet speed at school, however, children at home often lack options and access to high-speed internet access.

If you are interested in learning more about our recent public hearings, you can read more about our efforts on the committee’s website at There you will find links to the hearings, news from the hearings as well as video and written testimony from all of our public events.

Tips for cleaning out your house and garage this fall

As you may be going through your house and/or garage this weekend, here are some helpful tips for how to get rid of common household items that should not go in your regular garbage or recycling bin.

Paint and paint-related products, pesticides, pool chemicals, drain cleaners, used propane cylinders, degreasers and other car care products are among the 25,000 tons of household hazardous waste annually produced in Pennsylvania.

The Department of Environmental Protection provides a step-by-step guide on what to do with household hazardous waste. If you are unsure of what to do with old or single-use propane tanks, here are some helpful tips.

If you have any questions about if it should be thrown out in regular garbage collection, contact your waste hauler.

Top 10 scams to be on the lookout for in September

Scammers employ a range of behaviors and tactics appearing normal upon first impression, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities.

Exercise caution and consider primary clues to fraudulent schemes such as:

  • Advanced fees.
  • Pressure to invest quickly.
  • Emphasis on enticing friends, relatives, and colleagues.
  • Demanding and authoritative conduct.
  • Effort to establish a bond or provide you with a profile of their similar interests and background.
  • Disaster or tragedy funding requests by similarly named organizations.
  • Processing fees for a foreign lottery or sweepstakes.
  • Request for personal information.

The top ten scams are presented individually in a helpful publication available from the Department of Banking and Securities, along with a list of precautions, and specific contacts for victims. Pages 12-13 provide a valuable list of contacts to assist with reporting various scams.

If you are looking to have work completed at your home this fall, my office carries a helpful brochure on how to avoid home repair rip-offs. Feel free to stop by and pick up a copy.

Upcoming PennDOT projects

You can see PennDOT’s maintenance projects planned for next week here.

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