House committee advances proposal to ban vaccine passports in PA

Bill also would limit Sec. of Health from unilaterally imposing restrictions on residents, businesses

HARRISBURG – The House Health Committee approved legislation sponsored by Senators Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-28) and Judy Ward (R-30) that would ban the state – as well as any county, local municipality, school district and publicly-funded university – from requiring a proof of vaccination.

The bill would also ban the Secretary of Health from unilaterally requiring face masks, imposing travel restrictions, implementing social distancing guidelines, mandating shelter in place and closing privately-owned businesses.

“We have seen a growing trend of more governmental entities across the nation seeking to require vaccinations to gain entry to receive services,” Phillips-Hill said. “The Department of Health has shown that it was unable to manage a massive data breach of personal health care information through its third-party contact tracing vendor. Just last week, a news report showed that this information is still sitting on the internet. This bill would ensure that the state, or any local government, taxpayer-subsidized school or university, does not overstep its bounds with collecting and requiring this personal information.”

“Now that we have terminated the Governor’s emergency order, we must turn our focus toward updating a 66-year-old law written in the depths of the polio outbreak that is being used by the state Department of Health to exert control over Pennsylvanians,” Ward said. “Instead of infringing on personal health decisions or allowing one person to unilaterally make decisions, we must work together to determine the best course for the Commonwealth.”

Senate Bill 618 heads to the House of Representatives for its consideration.

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