Senator Phillips-Hill’s statement on election modernization compromise

HARRISBURG – Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York) released the following statement regarding her affirmative vote on a bipartisan compromise on significant election modernization and increased funding for new voting machines for counties:

“I am pleased to see the compromise proposal included the most critical reforms necessary to make it even easier for Pennsylvanians to exercise one of their most fundamental rights as citizens. In addition, many of the county election officials I have spoken with raised serious concerns about the cost of new voting machines, so I am thankful that the final compromise included the necessary funding to ensure our elections are safeguarded and of the highest integrity.

“The key takeaway from this process is that divided government – a Republican legislature and Democratic governor – does not have to be dysfunctional. This week’s significant compromise on election reform charts us a bipartisan path that both sides can follow to address our most pressing issues, including much-needed and long overdue school property tax reform.”