Phillips-Hill’s latest podcast highlights bicameral efforts to rid homeowners of school property taxes

HARRISBURG – In her ongoing effort to keep local residents up-to-date on current policy discussions on important topics, Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill’s (R-York) latest podcast features an interview with one of the leading proponents in the House of Representatives on school property tax elimination – Representative Frank Ryan (R-Lebanon).

“The vast majority of York County residents are very frustrated with the current system of school property taxes, and rightfully so,” Phillips-Hill said. “Representative Ryan’s unique background in finance makes our conversation so interesting given his in-depth knowledge of the economics behind efforts to eliminate school property taxes in Pennsylvania.”

Phillips-Hill said it allows residents to hear about some of the behind-the-scenes work being done on the issue and some of the challenges in finding consensus on an important issue.

“Dealing with critical issues to our citizens in Pennsylvania is essential to our economic survival,” Representative Ryan said. “One of the biggest problems facing young and old alike is the stranglehold of property taxes, unfunded state mandates and unfunded pensions. I am thankful that Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill is so willing to tackle tough issues that will truly positively impact our lives.”

The program runs approximately 18 minutes.

Phillips-Hill’s podcast, as well as instructions on how to subscribe to the podcast can be found on her website at

You can listen to the podcast with Senator Phillips-Hill and Representative Ryan here.