Phillips-Hill supports bill to strip public pensions from state elected officials, employees who commit job-related felonies

HARRISBURG – Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York) voted in support of a measure today during a Senate Appropriations Committee meeting that would ban state employees, including lawmakers, from collecting a state pension if found guilty of a job-related felony offense.

“No one should be rewarded with a state retirement package if they break the trust of the taxpayers they serve,” said Phillips-Hill, who does not accept a public pension. “We have protections in place for those who cheat our welfare system and other programs funded by state tax dollars. If state employees scam taxpayers, then they too should suffer the consequences of their illegal actions.”

The bill, sponsored by Senator John DiSanto (R-Dauphin/Perry), was unanimously approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Senate Bill 113 moves to the full senate for its consideration.

You can listen to Senator Phillips-Hill’s comments here.