New feature helps motorists track location of snow plows during winter storms

HARRISBURG – The state’s 511 PA traveler information website now allows motorists to find the location of any of the 2,200 PennDOT-owned plow trucks during winter storms in real time, according to Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York).

Beginning this year, all plow trucks are equipped with an Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system that will be viewable at The site also offers information for motorists on traffic incidents, construction, weather alerts and traffic volume.

A limited number of plow trucks have been equipped with AVL systems since 2013. This is the first year that all of PennDOT’s plow trucks will have the system added.

PennDOT also uses the system to monitor road conditions and review data on the effectiveness of plowing and material usage in challenging weather conditions.

“The best way to avoid an accident during a winter storm is to stay at home, but that is not always an option for every motorist,” Phillips-Hill said. “This innovative technology can help motorists plan their drive based on when road conditions will be the most favorable – after a plow has cleared the road and spread brine, salt and anti-skid.”

With potential snow events in the forecast over the next several days, Phillips-Hill encouraged motorists to observe all state and local transportation advisories in order to avoid hazards created by inclement weather.